[Safety Consulting]

We will consult with you and your team on all matters related to OSHA safety compliance. JL Safety Consulting LLC can provide OSHA safety compliance services for small, medium and Fortune 500 companies. We can manage all or part of your safety program. Our services include providing safety documentation, physical site audits, safety training, safety staffing and program management. 


[Safety Staffing]

JL Safety Consulting LLC offers services for short and long term projects in the Central Florida area.  These services includes full-time and part-time services.  


[Facility & Site Assessments]

JL Safety Consulting LLC will travel to your facility or construction site for a complete site safety assessment. Our safety consultants are trained and experienced on identifying areas of risk and measure OSHA compliance. JL Safety Consulting LLC can assist in the implementation of corrective actions which will greatly decrease losses from worker injuries and associated cost including lawsuits. These assessments can be performed on a one-time basis in addition to weekly, bi-weekly, monthly basis.  


[Safety Plans]

Written safety & health plans are an important part of a company’s safety & health program. Not only does OSHA require companies to have written programs, but oftentimes contractors require safety & health programs to be submitted as part of the pre-qualification process.

It is essential to have your company’s safety plans in writing, as documentation to reference what the company’s practices, rules, and guidelines are for a variety of areas.  Our written safety and health programs are customized for each client and are updated as regulatory changes are enacted. We can provide you with an entire safety and health program, or update the program you currently have in place. 

[Safety Training]

*All trainings can be provided in English and Spanish

[Aerial Drone Photography / Inspection]

JL Safety Consulting now offers Aerial Drone Photography and Inspections by our FAA Licensed Drone Pilot.  This is beneficial for a variety of reasons.  In the safety profession, we preach mitigating hazards in which working at heights are arguably the highest risk on most jobsites and facilities. Drones will eliminate the need for personnel to work at heights for inspections, quality control, progress photos and more.  In addition, this will save valuable time and money.  

Drone services include but not limited to: